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31 October - 18 November

The Space

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The Emerge Festival shines a spotlight on emerging dance and physical theatre work, all created by choreographers and theatre makers from a rich mix of experience. Over the three week Festival there 16 works 16 performed.

Now celebrating its 6th year, the Emerge Festival has supported over 60 of the brightest new choreographers in the UK. Many works that premiere at the Festival have gone on to tour the UK and beyond, so this is the place to be catch exciting new work, usually in its first outing.

Produced by C-12 Dance Theatre, who actively recognise the importance of supporting emerging, risk taking and passionate artists presenting work. The Emerge Festival has an essential place within the dance theatre community that use a supportive framework that enables the makers to understand, develop and realise the potential of their work.

Oct 31st – Nov 4th
Hanna Wroblewski
‘Darling, I don’t sell dreams…’ is a solo-performance project, looking at the (female) performer’s body as a spectacle and the relationship between solo
performer and audience. It combines movement and sound and draws upon my fascination of the silver screen sirens of the early 20th century. In particular Marleen Dietrich.

Merritt Millman
Dis-sociation… a disconnection between a person’s thoughts, memories, feelings, actions or sense of who he or she is. I am revisiting a piece exploring the dissociative state. The creation and choreography will continue a distinct movement away from the literal translation of depersonalization disorder and towards the expression of separateness and dissociation.

Laura Dajao
A solo based on a traumatic real life event and the emotional journey of “How I Met Chuckie” – Chuckie being my amputated above knee Right stump. From discovery to frustration, confusion, loss, to the realisation and acceptance of the situation. Pulling from different dance styles to evoke different emotions.

Jade Hackett
This solo is a comical performance told through the frustrated black woman stereotype with a hint of eccentricity. Its based on the essence of “telling the truth to oneself” and how in doing so, it can bring about a level of internal self love that society is not in the habit of practicing often.

Thomas Page Dances
An exploration into social construct of sexuality within the realm of heteronormative and homonormative societies. The piece seeks to challenge to what extent can sexuality be catergorised in the three main labels of heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual. It also aims to question if sexuality has a physicality.

Nov 7th – 11th
“Having a basic sense strong of self-worth is a good thing. But when those feelings cross over into narcissism, it becomes toxic for other people, for the society, and for the individual in the long run”. MCDC has experimented with striking visual elements of dance theatre in previous works and with this piece, we aim to build on this experience and make it a central feature of the piece itself.

Alice Laidler
When does movement communicate what words cannot? When are words necessary to further explain movement? I want to find this seamless tipping point between the two by intertwining spoken word and choreography. Body image and artistic voice are the foundations but these are malleable themes that I look forward to moulding throughout the process.

Ascension Dance UK
Meet Ben, a young man looking for love, A young man who has ditched online dating and Tinder for the old fashioned method of putting yourself out there. From the first drink to the first date, has Ben found the true connection, a connection between two people that transcends everything else?

Bee Dance Company
2084 is a sci-fi comedy, where the worst fears of British nation came to life. In 2084 no Earl Grey is safe. British culture disappears under the regime, Polish people decided to steal more than just the jobs. It is reimagined Orwell’s novel 1984, a satire of all xenophobic stereotypes.

Lara Rose
The Piece is exploring the pathways and intricacy of the brain, especially a brain affected by PTSD and mental illness. Looking at the idea of the brain as an island and how we can lost inside this. Using spoken word and movement to explore a less obvious portrayal.

An interdisciplinary piece of theatre which seeks to question what it means to be connected. #Utopia takes the audience on an episodic non-linear journey: being welcomed into ‘Utopia’, meeting its inhabitants in “positivity”, to their attempt to escape after realisation they have lost true connection and control within society.

Nov 14th – 18th
Andre Bright
Journey of a young man far from home building a relationship and connection with his culture. His roots turning from a burden to a strength. I want to develop the movement vocabulary and introduce spoken word to help develop the piece

Johnny Autin
A jaw-dropping and thought-provoking performance, Dystopia is looking at our human need for connection and belonging, and our modern anxieties based on fear and violence. Partner work and acrobatic-like movements take the performers and the audience on an intense emotional and visual journey through hell and back.

Courtney Scheu
The changing political climates of London and Israel have had a dramatic impact on me. The work will question the idea of belonging and home and will be informed by observations, conversations and experiences of being in a foreign place. I will explore the physical potential of the human body and how I might disrupt familiar patterns of moving.

Follow Through Collective & Co
“Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!” is a contemporary dance piece about childhood memories and how they influence our behaviour and relationships. Childhood experience has long-lasting effects on adult well-being. Early childhood memories are a tool to help you understand what makes you tick. While you can’t change your past you can change the way you understand it and move forward in light of understanding.

Double Twist Dance
Ariel has always thought of herself as confident, no nonsense and independent. However, in a moment of clarity, she sees herself as the world really sees her; arrogant, cold and alone. She imagines how she would be if her fear of being hurt didn’t make her put up a defensive facade. Will her epiphany stay with her or will she remain the loneliest if all?

All performances start at 8:00pm
Running Time: 60-90 minutes

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Dates: 31 October - 18 November

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