The Space is a performing arts centre based in a converted church on the Isle of Dogs, East London.  We programme regular arts events and workshops both here and at the Roof Garden in Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf.

An Interview with Elixir’s Writer and Production Assistant Christy Hawkins

For our latest interview we chatted with Christy Hawkins, writer and production assistant of Elixir. Here’s what he had to say:
Do you believe in magic?
Of course!  Theatre and magic are inseparable.  Dee and Kelley’s rituals and angelic visions were …

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Mugs Like Us: Dorothy

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5 September - 9 September

In November 1926, after a three month search, the Queensland police arrested a 16 year old girl called Dorothy Duval (real name Slatter). Dorothy had previously worked as a maid at Madame Hana Lingerie and Robe Specialist in Sydney, where £200 worth of clothing had gone missing. The police want answers but so does Dorothy. […]

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22 August - 26 August

“Adulterer’s juice and wizard’s seed, bathed in a cuckold's tears…” In 1583 two English wizards travelled across Europe in a cart laden with magical tomes, enchanted objects and psychedelic drugs. Their destination was Prague, their mission to discover the Elixir of Youth. Dr Dee was a religious fanatic, an ingenious polymath and a jealous husband […]


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29 August - 2 September

1963. A Penitent Magdalen Laundry in the fictional area of Killmacha, Ireland. A new era is dawning: attitudes are changing in and around the second Vatican Council and outside, society is becoming more influenced by rock n’ roll each day. These two wholly opposing worlds should never meet, especially in Catholic Ireland. First staged in […]

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Eclipsed: The Darkening of Women’s Rights

Today, modern Western women possess many freedoms compared to even our recent foremothers such as the right to vote, access to birth control and elite higher education. However, as recent as fifty years ago, society & families locked up …

The final One Festival now open for submissions

‘The One Festival is a truly special celebration of theatre at its purest’
Views From the Gods
The Space is looking for monologues/solo pieces for the One Festival 2018, a showcase of solo performances.  Now in its 6th and final year, …