The Space is a performing arts centre based in a converted church on the Isle of Dogs, East London.  We programme regular arts events and workshops both here and at the Roof Garden in Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf.

Why I Wrote ‘A Bed of Shards’: Jane McNulty


A Bed of Shards arrives at the Space on 1st November, as part of a tour from Manchester-based company House of Orphans. Here, playwright Jane McNulty tells us a little bit about the show – where it …

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A Bed of Shards

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1 November - 3 November

Born out of the current housing crisis in the UK, and dealing with themes like OCD, agoraphobia, depression and LGBT issues, A Bed of Shards is a female-driven two-hander set in the high-rise flat that two women have inhabited for many years. While Ronnie embraces the possibilities of a new beginning, her partner, the reclusive

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Where The Hell Is Bernard?

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25 October - 29 October

In a world where no one plays, no one questions and no one ever leaves, four women work in an office high above the city to anonymously return lost items. Everything runs like clockwork - until one day a box mysteriously bounces back. As the women embark in a mission that takes them out of

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Twenty people who shaped the Space–part 6


“It’s a little bit of the old Docklands that has been rescued. It still looks and feels like what it would have been. Through think and thin, the Space has come through with links to the glory …

An Interview with KimBo Theatre



We sat down with KimBo theatre to talk to them about their new play by Isla Gray, Left Luggage. With questions about death, grief, collaborating and working with female characters we get a behind-the-scenes perspective …