Turning the Key

24 Mar - 24 Mar

A miscellany of songs from fairy tale, fantasy and film bringing together gems from Tori Amos, Stephen Sondheim, Sara Bareilles, Bob Dylan and more.

The Conductor

26 Mar - 13 Apr

Based on the best-selling novel by Sarah Quigley, 'The Conductor' tells the true story of a sound that lifted an entire city in its darkest hour.

Post Mortem

16 Apr - 20 Apr

Nancy and Alex fell in love when they were teenagers. Whole hearted, obsessive, knotted together love.

Then it shattered.

The Wasp

23 Apr - 27 Apr

After not speaking for 20 years, Heather and Carla meet at a café. Then Heather reveals she has a proposition for pregnant Carla: the opportunity to start again with £30,000.

Me and My Doll

30 Apr - 4 May

One night workaholic Kate is “gifted” a blow-up-boyfriend by her colleagues and decides to keep it in an act of defiance.