The Space is a performing arts centre based in a converted church on the Isle of Dogs, East London.  We programme regular arts events and workshops both here and at the Roof Garden in Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf.

SpaceWorks Support Tutor


St Paul’s Arts Trust (registered charity no 801587) wishes to recruit a part time Support Tutor for the Space, a performing arts centre based in a converted chapel on the Isle of Dogs, East London.
The Support Tutor …

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My Gay Best Friend

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10 December - 11 December

A heady mixture of high camp, melancholy reflection on friendships, and the childhood dramas that haunt us all. Rachel is a fifty-something would-be diva who works in Boots, but is about to make her stage debut. She’s locked herself in the ladies, furious because her gay best friend Gavin isn’t there to support her; he’s sitting

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36 Cable Street

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1 December - 3 December

Fascism is sweeping across Europe. Time is running out for a force to gather that can stand in its way. On October 4th, 1936, the fight comes to the East End of London. The Black Shirts are marching. Neither politicians nor police will stop them. It will be up to ordinary people, including the residents


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5 December - 18 December

The Royal House of Britain is crumbling under strain. Princess Imogen, distraught after her low-born husband is banished by her father, takes matters into her own hands. Meanwhile King Cymbeline himself struggles with the unresolved grief left by his missing sons. Further shaken by his daughter's defiance and blind to the true nature of his

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Twenty People Who Shaped the Space- Part 7


“The Space is special. It’s intimate, it’s friendly, it can be cosy and I should think, if you were watching the right thing, you could be terrified out of your wits.”- Sir Ian Mckellan, The Wharf

Twenty people who shaped the Space–part 6


“It’s a little bit of the old Docklands that has been rescued. It still looks and feels like what it would have been. Through think and thin, the Space has come through with links to the glory …