Critics Adore ‘Mad Man Sad Woman’


Head for Heights production, Mad Man Sad Woman, has welcomed nothing less than glowing reviews from critics. Here are a few of our favourites:

‘Kudos to both actors for their grounded, but heartfelt performances, letting the humanity of their characters shine through and making us wish that there is a “house on the other side” for them too…Anybody with an ounce of empathy for the less fortunate will want to see this play.’
– Breaking the Fourth Wall *****

‘This is precisely the kind of play our society needs right now, to ask of itself what do we actually really mean by society.’
– There Ought to be Clowns

‘A bold new production demanding attention! …The converted church provided the perfect backdrop for a gritty and moving tale between two of society’s marginalised characters.’
– The Spy in the Stalls ****

‘Touches of humour pepper a well-wrought production, offering a rare chance to see Juan Radrigán’s affecting and still relevant work.’
– Act Drop ****

‘Despite living on the outskirts of life, the duo finally have a place that is theirs and, in a sense, someone to call their own. But coming to that realisation is what has made Huinca the mad man and Eva the sad woman and it is what makes this play increasingly perturbing and powerful.’
– The Upcoming ****

‘The power of Mad Man Sad Woman lies in its extraordinary immediacy and expression of feelings common to us all.A ‘small’ play with a huge heart, it deserves a much longer, larger life. Don’t miss.’
Carole Woddis ****

Wondering what audience members have to say about the show? It seems like they love it too!

‘Really astonishing piece of theatre. Both actors are amazing in this complex, and bleak play. Highly recommend you see it.’

‘The Space is programming some amazing theatre! Mad Man Sad Woman is a powerful indictment to poverty and disenfranchisement.’

Book tickets now for Mad Man Sad Woman to see for yourself what all the praise is about.


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