29 Plays Done!


Following the success of 28 Plays Later last year, playwrights were challenged with 29 Plays Later this year. Playwrights had to write and submit a play every day throughout February. Inspiring challenges were set by our Literary Manager Sebastian Rex, which playwrights could choose to follow or not. The aim is to help playwrights generate ideas, although some great work is done under pressure, the hope is that each playwright leaves the process with a few pieces to develop further.

190 writers took on the 2016 29 plays later challenge, and 116 writers completed it. That means that more completed the project this year than the number of people who started it last year!

Out of the 32 writers that did this challenge this year and last, 14 didn’t complete. But on the other hand, three of the people that completed this year, did not complete last year.

In total, Sebastian received 4,101 plays. An apology for the quality of the play was included on at least half of them. Adding last year’s plays means that this project is responsible for 6,795 plays in two months! Sebastian received 5,649 emails about 29 plays later this month, 195 emails per day.

Moving on to disqualification, which sadly started on the first day when five people did not submit a play by the end of the day.  The last disqualification was on the last day, when two people did not submit their plays. A favourite reason for disqualification when asked what happened was, “Gin happened.” Seven people fell asleep and forgot to submit their play.

137 plays did not have titles, which is a lot less than last year’s 240.

A few quotes from 29 Plays Later participants:

“What a great initiative, flawlessly run, with humour and imagination – thank you!”

“Thank you for a rollercoaster of a month! I’ve really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to next year.”

“So this has been a very good thing to do- to find out there are more times when I can write than I thought, to write some things that are completely removed from my usual suspects of topics, and to stop self-editing as I go.”

“I’m exhausted.  But it was worth it and without a doubt one of the greatest achievements in my entire life.”


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